Will EU’s AI talks shape global standards?

FILE PHOTO: European Internal Market and Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton speaks at a news conference in Brussels, Belgium February 23, 2023. REUTERS/Yves Herman/File Photo

The EU’s landmark AI Act talks grounded to a halt on Thursday having lasted almost an entire day. The talks on the governance of AI technologies as well as the regulation of generative AI systems such openAI’s ChatGPT involved the representatives from member states, the EU Commission, as well as the European parliament.

The Argument
A protracted three-way debate ended in agreement to continue talks on Friday as negotiators failed to strike a deal over long days of bargaining. Lawmakers decided to halt negotiations that demonstrated how difficult it was to agree on fundamental matters.

Negotiators were determined to finish talks about artificial intelligence legislation ahead of upcoming elections which could disrupt the progress achieved in two years. In addition, they wanted to include regulations covering technology and provisions for generative AI systems in that same legislation.

The Facts
The lawmakers settled down on interim terms for the governance of artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT making a stride in setting up laws regarding the technology.

A leaked paper indicated that, the European Commission planned to keep track of all GPAIs “posing systematic risks”. Its suppliers will have to summarize extensively each training case.

The law might exempt free and open-source AI licenses from regulation, with provisions for high-risk scenarios.

It is clear that, the negotiating process had problems with biometric monitoring and source code access as far as AI is concern.

The European Union Council moved its press briefing, demonstrating that the deliberate talks were really complicated.

To finalize its draft rules, the EU wants to set a blueprint for global AI regulations to counter the United States’ light-touch approach as well as the interim rules of China.


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