Cyril Ramaphosa 2nd term

#TrendsArena: Mixed reactions as Ramaphosa begins second term

Mahlengi Bhengu Motsiri

ANC targets national unity government following failure to security majority in parliament

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The Indian elections: a summary

KwaZulu Natal no water

Why the ANC has become unpopular among KwaZulu-Natal residents

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Russia and China join forces: how scared should you be?

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Colombia’s ex-president may face 12 years imprisonment for witness tampering

Uribe Columbia

Chad’s Deby sworn in as president after three years of military rule

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Macron commits French troops to New Caledonia amid protests over voting reforms

Macron New Caledonia leaders

John Swinney Emerges as Front-Runner for First Minister of Scotland

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Indian PM promises more jobs ahead of April general election

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Opposition parties increase majority in South Korean elections

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announces military offensive plans in Rafah

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Cap population at 10 million? Switzerland set to vote on an immigration limit

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Who is Diomaye Faye, the new Senegalese president?

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Biden vs Trump rematch – What’s different in this year’s US-presidential election?

Biden and Trump

Everything you need to know about the elections in Senegal

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Wales’ Vaughan Gething becomes Europe’s first Black government leader

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