5G in Africa: What’s its potential, Selasi Ahorlumegah?

Naa Oyoe Quartey

With its fast speeds and revolutionary potential, 5G stands out as a noteworthy milestone in the field of technical growth.

However, in terms of implementing this technology, Africa remains far behind other regions. In 2021, the adoption rate of 5G in sub-Saharan Africa and Northern Africa was only 1%.

Speaking in an interview on The Qonversation, Telecommunications expert, Selasi Kofi Ahorlumegah, said this is in stark contrast to more advanced regions such as China, Europe, and America, where adoption rates range from 13% to 29%.

Africa is likely to see only a slight increase by 2025, according to predictions, while China is expected to lead the way with a 52% adoption rate.

He explained that these figures demonstrate how the digital divide between Africa and the rest of the globe is growing, and 5G technology is making matters worse. If this gap is not closed, it could lead to

Selasi Ahorlumegah also highlighted how crucial 5G will be in determining the direction of telecoms in the future and advancing socioeconomic growth in developing nations.

“I think the operators, along with their regulators, need to find a way, where they’ll be able to bring in, you know, moderately priced devices. And once the device penetration increases, the network operators would, would be able to, recoup their money and then furthermore invest into growing their technology,” Ahorlumegah told Qonversations.

The promise of 5G provides a ray of optimism as African countries negotiate the intricacies of a quickly changing technology landscape, opening up new doors and possibilities for future generations.

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