Challenges and Joys of Being a Multi-Talented Artist with Antonia Azoitei

Catinca Maria Nistor

Let me take you on a captivating journey through my intriguing conversation with Antonia Azoitei, a versatile artist who effortlessly balances her roles as a musician, actor, producer, and mother of two. We delved deep into her action-packed schedule, her theatre company, and the fascinating and slightly strange experiences she’s encountered while on tour.

Antonia painted a vivid picture of her whirlwind of activities, from touring as a violinist in Rob Brydon’s on-stage band for a comedy show to producing plays with her theatre company, The Inner Six. She spoke of the stress and challenges of handling both acting and producing simultaneously, but also the addictive thrill that comes with fulfilling these roles.

As a co-founder of The Inner Six, Antonia discussed the challenges of fringe producing, particularly the fundraising aspect. She also revealed the company’s mission of bringing successful foreign texts to the UK stage, specializing in translations and gearing up to present a one-woman show next week.

Our conversation then shifted to the personal struggles of being a mum on tour. Antonia opened up about the difficulty of being away from her children, although she finds solace in the profound love she has for her work. She shared heartwarming and hilarious experiences from her tours, including an unexpected live performance on German TV.

Beyond her professional life, Antonia also expressed the joy of creating promotional content and the excitement of setting up a website for her theatre company. Her passion for her work was palpable as she enthusiastically discussed her various projects.

We concluded our conversation with Antonia sharing her social media handles and inviting everyone to see The Inner Six’s upcoming play, “The Second Coming of Joan of Arc,” staged at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, a One Woman Show…starring me.

My conversation with Antonia was an enlightening and delightful experience. It’s inspiring to witness someone so wholly devoted to their art while still finding joy and humour in the unpredictable world of performing arts. Her passion for music and theatre, combined with her infectious personality, positions her as a formidable presence in the entertainment industry. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of her performances, I can guarantee it will be a memorable and entertaining experience.

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