Alexey Navalny’s memoire set to be published in October

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These are the new EU rules for Booking and Airbnb that you should know

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The human brain increases from generation to generation – Study

Canada wildfire

How Canada braces for another catastrophic wildfire season

Truong My Lan

Real estate tycoon’s downfall: Vietnam’s largest fraud case ends in a death sentence

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Over 10 million children in Sudan exposed to the horrors of war – Report

Sudan children

Who is Livia Voigt, the world’s youngest billionaire?

Livia Voigt Billionaire

Inside Englishman Russ Cook’s historic 352-day marathon across Africa

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Honouring 30 years: Rwandans unite to remember genocide against Tutsi

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Ousmane Sonko’s appointment as prime minister: A breakthrough for Senegal?

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South Africa passes nomad visa regulations into law

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Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni: The politics of keeping power in the family

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Investigation launched into Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Incident: Engine Cowling Detaches Mid-Flight

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David Cameron has met Donald Trump ahead of meeting Blinken

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How global efforts led to the arrest of two Nigerians after an Australian teen’s suicide

Sextortion suspects

The April 8 total solar eclipse: Everything you need to know

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Lesotho constructs historical sustainable timber stadium in Africa

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