Top international schools in Qatar – Part 1

Welcome to Qonversations. Today we will familiarize you with Qatar's educational system and present you with the first part of top international schools.


Education in Qatar is organized to be accessible to all people. Locals choose public schools, while expatriate families prefer private schools because of the language barrier and the inclusion of diverse cultures. Qatar also has many international schools with American and British curricula that offer world-class education. These schools are everyone’s priority in Qatar.

Let’s start with ACS International School Doha, the first school in Qatar to offer all four International Baccalaureate programs for ages 3-18 and Advanced Placement programs for ages 16-18. Sport is very encouraged; therefore, this school has one of the most advanced sports facilities. The student base is diverse, with more than 70 nationalities attending rate.

The Arab International Academy. Founded in 2016, it quickly became a preferred school for international schooling in Qatar. Children can attend the IB Diploma Program, Middle and Primary Years Program. The focus is on holistic development through co-curricular activities, such as ballet, reading clubs, science, and sports. They also provide community service opportunities to grow a sense of civic duty in students.

And the last one in this episode is The Hamilton International School. The student-centric education strategy follows the American curriculum from kindergarten to high school and offers an American-accredited high school diploma. Extra facilities are one of the most modern in the country, with a wide range of activities such as 3D modelling, martial arts, and robotics.

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