Malaysia’s roti canai ranked best bread in the world

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Roti canai

In the latest rankings by the online travel guide Taste Atlas, which celebrates traditional cuisine worldwide, Malaysia’s beloved roti canai has claimed the prestigious title of the world’s best bread. Roti canai received a rating of 4.9 stars, placing it on equal footing with the second-ranked bread, Colombia’s pan de bono.

The top ten rankings celebrate other delectable options such as India’s butter garlic naan and naan, Iran’s nan-e barbari, France’s baguette and tarte flambée, Italy’s piadina romagnola, and Columbia’s pan de yuca.

Roti canai, a traditional pan-fried bread originating in Malaysia, is not limited to its home country, being also savoured in neighbouring nations like Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Roti canai, a pan-fried flatbread, is made with flour, water and eggs. The dough is folded several times to create layers, resulting in a soft, fluffy texture on the inside and a crispy outer layer.

Roti canai havs previously ranked TasteAtlas’ lists of the world’s finest foods.In February, TasteAtlas honoured roti canai by ranking it as the second-best street food globally.

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