France humiliates England in the Six Nations tournament

France inflicted a crushing defeat on England in the Six Nations, resulting in a record 53-10 win. The English team had no answer to their opponents' formidable performance. The French were triumphant on the day, and the English were rightfully so disappointed.

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english and french rugby players pushing in scrum, during the match France vs England

On Saturday, France delivered England a crushing defeat at Twickenham in their worst home loss ever. This victory gives Les Bleus a chance of holding on to the title heading into the final round.

This was one of the grimmest days in English rugby as France put on an entirely dominant display, running in seven unanswered tries during the match.

The victory kept France’s hopes of retaining the title for another round, but this result indicated something bigger. A record was broken that had stood in the tournament’s 140-year history, as England had never endured such humiliation in a home test match. This loss ranked third among their heaviest defeats, surpassing only a 76-0 loss for an undermanned touring squad in Australia in 1998 and a 58-10 defeat to South Africa at Bloemfontein in 2007.

Steve Borthwick, the new England coach who took over from Eddie Jones in December, stated, “We got exposed today!” and acknowledged that there is a large difference between his team’s current level and that of the premier teams across the world. He reiterated that he knows the current standing and what needs to be done to bridge the gap.

England has been eliminated from the championship race after two losses in four games. At the same time, France gained second place, narrowly behind Ireland, who maintains a perfect record so far and will aim to strengthen their position with a victory over Scotland.

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