FIFA launches application process for independent integrity experts and pro bono counsels

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FIFA's Headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland

FIFA has opened the application process for two significant positions: Independent Integrity Experts and Pro Bono Counsels. These roles, newly outlined in the 2023 editions of the FIFA Disciplinary Code and the FIFA Code of Ethics, are a manifestation of FIFA’s steadfast commitment to promoting integrity and justice in football. The deadline for applications is 31 May 2023.

Previously held by the FIFA General Secretariat, the responsibilities, tasks, and duties now assigned to Independent Integrity Experts will contribute to safeguarding and promoting the integrity of football globally. By offering specialist expertise in dedicated disciplinary or ethical matters, the selected individuals will support FIFA in carrying out necessary investigations into potential breaches of FIFA regulations.

Successful candidates will be entrusted to apply their professional knowledge to a variety of critical tasks, such as gathering evidence, interacting with third parties, and supporting or representing FIFA in proceedings. This integral role ensures football stakeholders worldwide benefit from the expertise of leading professionals.

In parallel, FIFA’s renewal of its dedicated list of Pro Bono Counsels underlines its ceaseless commitment to nurturing justice and fair representation in football. This role is a vital component of FIFA’s legal aid system, primarily aiding individuals who lack the financial means to represent themselves before FIFA’s judicial bodies.

Pro Bono Counsels will be tasked with providing invaluable legal expertise in judicial proceedings, thereby ensuring individuals facing financial constraints are not denied access to expert and fair legal representation. This initiative aligns with FIFA’s dedication to uphold and respect individuals’ legal rights.

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