Doha ranks among Top Ten Safest Tourist Destinations Globally

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Marina Walkway in Porto Arabia at the Pearl in Doha, Qatar

A recent survey conducted by Get Licensed, a UK-based security training marketplace, has revealed that Doha has secured a position among the top ten safest tourist destinations in the world. Five of these top ten cities are located in Asia, including Kyoto, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, and Doha.

The survey took into account various safety metrics, such as crime and homicide rates, public confidence in law enforcement, and concerns about being mugged or robbed. Data was collected from 100 of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Doha achieved a World Vacation Safety Score of 7.56, tying it with Ljubljana (Slovenia) for the tenth spot. The Gulf city boasts one of the lowest homicide rates globally, with a mere 0.42 murders per 100,000 inhabitants.

A striking 82.37% of respondents reported feeling safe walking alone at night, while only 8.94% expressed concerns about being robbed or mugged. Doha earned a 7.92 rating for police dependability, making it the safest city in the Global Terrorism Index. The top five cities in the ranking were Reykjavik, Bern, Bergen, Kyoto, and Taipei, followed by Singapore, Copenhagen, Salzburg, and Tokyo. The least safe tourist destinations worldwide were Manila, New Delhi, Mexico City, Lagos, and Lima, according to the survey.

In addition, Doha was recognised as one of the safest places for solo women travellers by Holidu, a UK-based search engine for holiday rentals, last year. It was the only city in the region to feature in the list of 50 safest cities for women travelling alone. The excellent safety record of the Gulf country has contributed significantly to its burgeoning visitor numbers.

Qatar has maintained its position at the top of the Numbeo Crime Index for the safest country in the world for five years, with a brief interruption by Japan in 2018. The country’s safety reputation was further reinforced during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which attracted a record number of international visitors.

Security played a crucial role in the decade-long preparation for the World Cup, with Qatar partnering with defence entities from numerous countries in the region and beyond. The tournament in Qatar received widespread acclaim for its security and safety measures, providing a welcoming atmosphere for families to enjoy the event without concerns.

Qatari authorities made the notable decision to implement a ban on alcohol sales near or in football stadiums during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. This move was widely praised across communities, especially among families and women, who appreciated the family-friendly atmosphere it fostered.

Female fans attending the tournament reported that the alcohol ban helped alleviate the hostile environment often associated with football matches. In response to the positive fan experience in Qatar, British Chief Constable Mark Roberts suggested that the UK should “drop ideas of reintroducing alcohol in the stands.”

Fans who spoke to Doha News during the tournament reported feeling “extremely” safe, particularly in comparison to previous World Cups where they were “too afraid” to hold their belongings in their hands freely. Attendees also expressed that they were not concerned about wearing bags on their backs, confident that pickpocketing would not occur in Qatar. An international spectator told Doha News that he would not hesitate to take a walk in the streets of Qatar during the night, owing to the sense of safety he experienced in the country. The positive feedback from fans and authorities alike demonstrates the success of Qatar’s security measures during the historic event.

Doha’s position among the top ten safest tourist destinations in the world reflects the city’s unwavering commitment to security and public safety. The successful implementation of security measures during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the alcohol ban in stadiums has further solidified Qatar’s reputation as a safe and welcoming destination for all visitors.

With an ever-growing influx of tourists and an environment that caters to families, solo travellers, and women alike, Doha continues to set an example for other cities and nations to follow. As Qatar maintains its focus on safety and the well-being of its residents and visitors, it is poised to remain a sought-after destination for travellers seeking both excitement and peace of mind.

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