Are Moroccan startups leading Africa’s innovation wave?

The annual MyAfricanStartup Awards for 2023, which honours outstanding African startups, has recognised four Moroccan businesses.

Four startups from Morocco were recognized among the 100 innovative African startups awards. Photo by Bing AI

This acknowledgment underscores Morocco’s growing influence in diverse sectors such as e-commerce, logistics, human resources, and agri-tech.

Sowit leads the pack among the four Moroccan startups, taking the first place. Followed by Jobop, CloudFret, and Chari.

Highlight on the 4 Moroccan startups
Established in 2018, Sowit aims to unlock the full potential of agriculture in Africa. Using technologies like remote sensing and machine learning, Sowit equips farmers with cutting-edge tools for improved land management and higher yields. The startup also aids companies and investors in making informed investments in the agricultural sector.

Jobop, launched in 2021, disrupts the traditional temporary employment landscape in Africa. Instead of relying on job security and job opportunity enhancement for temporary workers, Jobop utilizes an AI-driven platform to match relevant data with leading companies. It also assists firms in swiftly meeting their recruitment needs.

Founded in 2021, CloudFret, the second Moroccan startup on the list, aims to revolutionize intermodal freight traffic in the Mediterranean. Leveraging a digital platform powered by artificial intelligence, the company connects shippers with carriers, optimizing routes and reducing wasted transport trips across Europe and Africa. CloudFret boasts a network of over 6,000 trucks, providing eco-friendly logistics solutions at reduced costs.

Chari, launched in 2020, strives to simplify trade in francophone African countries. Acting as an e-commerce platform, Chari offers competitive pricing, multiple payment options, and free 24-hour delivery to small traders. The startup not only generates revenue but is also committed to fostering resilience in local economic systems.

The Facts
Moroccan startups secured a spot in the 8th position of this ranking. Leading the list with 24 startups is Kenya, followed by Nigeria with 22, South Africa with 15, and Senegal with 8. The six-month selection process, involving 2,000 startups and expert evaluations, focused on criteria such as innovation, growth potential, business scalability, and team capabilities.

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