Alex Murdaugh appeals to the conviction

Richard "Alex" Murdaugh, the South Carolina attorney found guilty of killing his wife and son, appealed against his conviction and life sentence as revealed by court documents.

Murdauch 1
Walterboro, South Carolina USA - February 27, 2023: Media and Crowds Gather Outside the Colleton County Courthouse during the Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial.

Murdaugh, 54, of a prominent South Carolina family, was convicted on March 2 for the shooting that occurred last year on his estate, resulting in the death of his wife Maggie (52) and youngest son Paul (22).

For decades, members of the Murdaugh family were at the forefront of criminal prosecution in the region as family members served as the leading prosecutor. Mr Murdaugh was a well-known personal injury lawyer in the state.

During his trial, prosecutors said that Murdaugh killed his wife and son to cover up a multitude of financial crimes, such as stealing millions from fellow attorneys and clientele. The stolen funds were squandered on drugs and an extravagant lifestyle. Moreover, authorities claim the South Carolina lawyer had also attempted to orchestrate a false death to secure his son Buster with a $12 million US life insurance payout.

Murdaugh’s counsel sought to demonstrate that he was a devoted family man despite his financial woes and drug dependence. They contended that he could never have done something so heinous as to hurt his wife and kid.

The jury took less than three hours to reach a guilty verdict for Murdaugh. 

Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman handed down a life sentence to Murdaugh; this term comprised consecutive prison terms for both murders. Prosecutors did not request the death penalty.

Attorneys for Murdaugh have submitted an appeal for his conviction, and he is seeking a retrial to contest the judgement against him.

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