Woman Excellence: Tricia Tuttle Announced as New Director for Berlin Film Festival

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Berlinale International Film Festival's new Director, Tricia Tuttle, attends a press conference in Berlin, Germany, December 12, 2023. REUTERS/Lisi Niesner

A former director for the London Film Festival, Tricia Tuttle has been appointed to fill the same shoes for the annual Berlin Film Festival. This was announced by the German Minister of Culture, Claudia Roth on Tuesday, December 12 according to a DPA report.

Before Tuttle’s appointment, Mariette Rissenbeeek and Carlo Chatrian had been leading the Berlin Film Festival and would be overseeing its 74th edition slated for February 15-25 2024.

It has become important for a new director after Mariette Rissenbeek in 2022 decided not to renew her contract. Her co-director, Chatrian has also announced to step down. America’s Tricia Tuttle will, however, start running her office in April 2024.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference in Germany, Tuttle acknowledged the financial downside of the festival, saying “The last few years have been a challenge for every festival, every festival is struggling with the same challenges around public funding.”

Culture Minister Claudia was, however quick to add that efforts were underway to address funding problems facing the Berlin Film Festival.

“Concerns that the Berlinale will be cut to the bone is not based in reality,” the minister said at a news conference, adding that provisional plans envisaged a 1.5 million euro budget increase, which would amount to an inflation-busting 14% boost, reports Reuters.

During her work at the British Film Institute for a decade, Tricia handled the London Film Festival for five years before announcing her decision to step down in October 2022. She also occupied senior positions at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) and BAFTA Film Awards.

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