artificial intellige red

Can artificial intelligence revolutionise resource exploration?

South korea laser

What is Block-I laser and why is South Korea starting a mass production?

African Currencies iT

Explainer: African currencies face uncertainty in the global market

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Who began construction of the Panama Canal, and why did they quit?


Here are the four scientists who spent over a year in a NASA-built simulation of life on Mars

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artificial intellige red

Can artificial intelligence revolutionise resource exploration?

The way we search for and find important resources is being completely transformed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI […]

Cryptocuurency Red

Is cryptocurrency a catalyst for financial revolution or a Mirage for developing countries?

Cryptocurrency has recently emerged as a speculative asset in industrialised economies, as well as a possible game changer […]

Vanuatu Foreign policy red

Can Vanuatu’s new foreign policy change the pacific game?

The recent release of Vanuatu’s inaugural foreign policy document has attracted much interest and debate. Premier Charlot Salwai […]

Microsoft China Talking Points

Is Microsoft’s crackdown on Android for China staff justified?

Microsoft has asked its Chinese workers to switch from Android smartphones to Apple iPhones for work purposes. This […]

African Currencies iT


Explainer: African currencies face uncertainty in the global market

African currencies, particularly the Zambian kwacha and the Kenyan shilling, are expected to face a decline against the […]

Peter Geleta Trinity Metals CEO


Rwanda can help US and Europe protect their futures, Trinity Metals CEO says

Europe and the US can make up lost ground in the race to secure materials essential for their […]

Live Earth Concert in Shanghai

Global Affairs

Live Earth: Can music unite the world for environmental change?

On July 7, 2007, the globe witnessed an extraordinary event: the Live Earth benefit concerts, which took place […]



Vietnamese court rules against bank in $1.8m unauthorised withdrawals case: Is this the start of better banking security?

The recent judgment by a regional court in Khánh Hoà Province, in Vietnam, regarding Sacombank’s Cam Ranh branch […]

Rachel Reeves UK Chancellor


Meet Rachel Reeves, Britain’s first female Chancellor

Rachel Reeves has made history by becoming the first female Chancellor of the Exchequer in the United Kingdom. […]

President Arce Bolivia


Bolivia’s failed coup: What we know so far

Following a failed coup attempt, Bolivia jailed more than a dozen high-ranking military and intelligence officials. This includes […]

Vietnam Airlines


Can Vietnam Airlines survive the financial turbulence as it faces insolvency?

The national carrier, Vietnam Airlines JSC, is facing a severe financial crisis, with collapse looming as early as […]

Kenyan protestors parliament


#TrendsArena: Kenyan police and protestors clash after sections of parliament set on fire

In their bid to forcibly invade the parliament building, Kenyan protestors found themselves in turmoil with the country’s […]