Why Gen Z is Choosing Mindful Drinking Over Drunkenness

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The Gen Z era is filled with teens and adults who are likely to try out every trend and overdo social vices spread across various regions and areas in the world. But there seems to be a change of lifestyle in the world of alcoholism, according to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report.

Instead of drinking into oblivion, the young generation has embraced mindful drinking. This is further explained as knowing the environment and quantity of alcohol that is being consumed to enhance self-awareness.

The WHO reports that the number of adults under 25 who are no longer interested in drunkenness in Europe has waned by 10 points since 2000.

The organisation explains that this is the path Gen Z is taking toward good physical and mental health. This is affirmed by a 26-year-old student who spoke to Euronews Culture,  Fernanda Galleguillos, who emphasises that the decision to do away with binge drinking is a way to protect their self-image too in case there is a scenario of vomiting when in oblivion.

“It’s a little embarrassing. It’s a bit of a ‘grinch’ to see yourself in situations… Extreme drunkenness… like you’re being recorded and then it goes viral… I don’t know if you’re more aware of where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing,” said Fernanda.

Obviously in full support of total sobriety, Fernanda said “Sometimes you ask yourself, ‘Why am I drinking? A lot of times we’re drinking because it’s part of the environment… Do I drink because I like it? Luckily my environment respects it. There’s a bit of a clash with other generations, but fortunately, I’m in a circle where we’re all in the same gaze. …I prioritize other things in my life, like making a plan in the morning, which if I had a hangover, I probably wouldn’t do it.”

24-year-old  student, Nicky Cordoba also explains her disinterest in alcohol saying “When you say you don’t drink, they always ask you why. You say why I don’t want to and they ask you again why. My excuse is always: I don’t drink for health reasons, so no one bothers me anymore.”

Spain is regarded as one of the highest consumers of alcohol in Europe. However, 15% of adults under 24 years in Spain have decided not to drink.

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