Who is the Snow Artist, Simon Beck?

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Simon Beck captured alongside one of his works - Courtesy of the artist

The world of art is a diverse one that ranges from sculpture, graffiti, and pottery among others. But there is an aspect that hasn’t fully been explored yet and that is snow art. Making tremendous strides and successes in the area is Simon Beck and this article will focus on his snow art.

Clad in just simple snowshoes and a magnetic compass, 60-year-old Simon walks for about 10 hours through thick snow to create a vast spread of beautiful snowy patterns. Unfortunately, the art is washed away after another snowfall.

Simon Beck who is a former engineer and cartographer found this incredible hobby and work when he relocated to the French Alps, specifically Les Arcs, a ski resort in the Tarentaise Valley from England 15 years ago.

Almost every ski area in the world has felt the artistic aura and prowess of the snow artist. He was inspired to indulge in snow drawing when he was skiing. The thought provoked him to create his first snow drawing by measuring dimensions with his compass and connecting the dots made to create a five-pointed star.

Beck has over 300 hundred drawings in snow and about 200 drawings in sand across the world. He shares with Euronews Culture that he is privileged to have found something meaningful and fulfilling to do.

“I’m very lucky that I found something I liked doing and actually get a certain amount of money for it … enough to live anyway,” said Beck.

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