Uber to raise the minimum wage for drivers in France

Uber Technologies will raise the minimum wage it pays drivers in France as part of a wider agreement between ride-hailing companies and driver representatives in the country.

Drivers will earn a minimum income 9 euros per trip, up from 7 point 65 euros they were earning previously, and will have a guaranteed income of 30 euros per hour and 1 euro per kilometer.

The changes in hourly income guarantee and minimum wage per kilometer will be implemented by May next year, while the wage increase in revenue per trip will be in effect from February.

Earlier this month, the European Union provisionally agreed on a bill aimed at giving employee benefits to workers at app-based platforms such as Uber and Deliveroo.

App-based delivery workers are usually treated as independent contractors rather than company employees, which means general minimum wage laws do not apply to them.

The proposed bill on gig workers’ rights, which has to be formally adopted by the European Parliament and the Council, will prevent workers from being wrongfully classified as self-employed, which results in them missing out on important labor and social protection rights.

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