Turner Prize 2023: Four Artists Battle for the Top Spot in Britain’s Most Eminent Award

turner prize
Credit: Visit Eastbourne

The champion of Britain’s biggest arts award is expected to be revealed on Tuesday, December 5 through a ceremony in Eastbourne’s Winter Garden.

In a press statement released by Tate Britain in April this year, Jesse Darling, Ghislaine Leung, Rory Pilgrim and Barbara Walker are the four artists nominated for the 2023 Turner Prize.

As part of Towner Eastbourne’s centenary celebrations, the works of the four nominees have been displayed at the gallery since September 28, 2023. The Turner Prize winner will also be awarded £25,000 with £10,000 awarded to the other shortlisted artists.

According to Tate Britain’s press release, Jesse Darling was nominated for his solo exhibitions ‘No Medals, No Ribbons’ at Modern Art Oxford and Enclosures at Camden Art Centre, while Ghislaine Leung was shortlisted for her solo exhibition ‘Fountains’ at Simian, Copenhagen.

The commission RAFTS at Serpentine and Barking Town Hall, and a live performance of the work at Cadogan Hall, London also won a nomination for Rory Pilgrim as the presentation of Burden of Proof at Sharjah Biennial 15 got Barbara Walker on the nominee’s list.

The Turner Prize was established in 1984 and it was named after a British painter, JMW Turner. It is awarded each year to a British artist who has engaged in exceptional exhibitions or presentations of works.

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