This is Why Gen Z Teens are Turned Off by Extended Explicit Scenes on Screen

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The era of Generation Z is characterised by several abnormalities that did not exist in the 18th to 19th centuries. During the 20th century (1900-1940s) erotic films could only be accessed at male gatherings or brothels. In the case of Gen Z, raunchy content could be found everywhere and anywhere.

With the emergence of movies and series like Sex Life, Sex Education, and Euphoria, as well as near-naked vixens in music videos, it is almost impossible to stay without ‘tainting’ your eyes with nudity.

However, in a recent study by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), over half of Gen Z viewers disagree with the infiltration of X-rated content on their screens. Viewers between the ages of 13 to 24 precisely, are more interested in less prurient films.

The study which involved 1,500 teens disclosed over half (51.5%) of the respondents were extremely inclined to pure, traditional friendships than sexual escapades.

A 16-year-old survey respondent stated “When there’s media with too much sex, me and my friends often feel uncomfortable” while a 20-year-old male respondent also added, “My friends and I maybe awkwardly bear through it.”

Explaining the reason behind the seeming aversion towards sexually explicit content by Gen Z viewers, researchers involved in the study dubbed “nomance”, Stephanie Rivas-Lara and Hiral Kotecha shared that young people feel withdrawn from peers, friends, and community.

“Young people are feeling a lack of close friendships, a separation from their community, and a sense that their digital citizen identity has superseded their sense of belonging in the real world,” they stated in an essay discussing the survey results.

The founder of the UCLA Centre for Scholars and Storytellers, Yalda Uhls, further clarified that Gen Z teens would like to experience other types of relationships in their society.

“It’s not that young people aren’t interested in TV, movies and other media with sexual content, it’s that they want to see more and different types of relationships.”

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