The unique story of brothers Lucas and Théo Hernandez

Lucas and Theo Hernandez

Two brothers selected at the same time for the French national team is a rare thing in the history of football. But when both are also selected for the FIFA World Cup, and one replacing the other in a match, in the same position, it is a unique thing in world football. The story belongs the brothers Lucas and Théo Hernandez, both being very good rated in Europe. The first is 26 years old and plays for Bayern Munich. The second is 25 years old and plays for AC Milan. Both are qualified for the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League. And both were on the pitch for France’s Qatar 2022 debut against Australia, match that they won 4-1.

Lucas started at left-back but was injured quite badly in the 9th minute when Goodwin opened the scoring in the 9th minute for Australia. The Bayern Munich player was unable to continue in the game and handed over the place to… Théo . And his brother continued the work very well, because he also provided an assist to Adrien Rabiot, with which he managed to equalize. And the AC Milan man will be looking to keep the bar high and dedicate every minute he spends on the pitch in Qatar to his brother too, with Lucas out of the France squad after ACL injury

The brothers had a complicated childhood destiny

The story of the Hernandez brothers in football began about 20 years ago. They were born in Marseille, but arrived in Spain, where they took all the steps towards professional football. But until fate smiled on them, the first years of life were very difficult for Lucas and Théo. They were abandoned by their father Jean-François in 2004. He too played football for Marseille, Atlético de Madrid and Rayo Vallecano. Laurence Py’s mother, however, sacrificed everything for the boys’ career. With adjusted schedules and endless days of running, all the strength put into one goal, to see their children happy. “I didn’t have an easy childhood,” Lucas recounted. “But that made us fight,” added Théo, in a press conference last year, when the two footballers arrived together for the first time in the French national team.

For Lucas and Theo, their parents’ separation had a negative psychological effect on them, a development that affected them well into adulthood. Football represented a way out of this problematic situation. Theo was the first to catch the attention of scouts from Atlético de Madrid and was called to participate in some tests, which he passed with flying colors. Lucas instead started football at Rayo Majadahonda. His idea of ​​playing here caused discomfort to his mother, who insisted that her two sons stay together. Laurence Py was unwilling to allow another split in the family, so eventually both boys ended up going to Atlético Madrid. Things started to get better and better as both brothers progressed to the junior teams. When Lucas signed his first big contract with Atletico Madrid, it was a relief for him. “It was a way of telling my mother that she could finally live her life!”

The brothers are now living the dream of winning the FIFA World Cup together

Lucas and Théo were always together, including at school. They also had the same friends. But they never played together until the French national team. The current Bayern player played for Atlético B in the 2014/15 season. His brother also arrived at Atlético B a year later, when Lucas was already promoted to the first team. Then they parted ways. The older brother arrived in Germany in 2019, at Bayern Munich, while the younger brother, after spells at Alaves, Real Madrid and Real Sociedad, moved to AC Milan in 2019. Today, both are important players for their clubs.

The Hernandez brothers dreamed of this day, to reach a major tournament together. Of course, and to earn it. Lucas is already a world champion with the Blues in 2018. Theo made his debut for the French national team in 2020 and after consistent seasons with AC Milan he has also deservedly earned the right to be present in Qatar. And now he wants to feel the taste of winning the FIFA World Cup trophy. Even though Lucas pulled out of the tournament early due to injury, the joy and pride of the brothers will be shared together at an eventual success on December 18 in Lusail.

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