The Story Behind Iceland’s Gigantic Yule Cat

A monument representing Iceland's Yule Cat - Copyright

Known as Jólakötturinn, a lit-up statue of the Yule Cat is displayed in the heart of Reykjavík, a bustling city in Iceland.

The Yule Cat makes its rounds across Iceland each year on Christmas Eve, prowls through snowy winter streets, towering above houses, and peering into frosty windows. Its mission is to consume children who received no Christmas clothes, or new socks because they didn’t complete their chores.

The Yule Cat is a fascinating and unique part of Icelandic folklore, and its story has been passed down through generations. It is a reminder to children to be good and to appreciate the gifts they receive during the holiday season.

The myth Jólakötturinn is said to be inspired by Icelandic poet, Jóhannes úr Kötlum when he wrote about the Yule Cat in his book, ‘Jólin koma’ (‘Christmas is Coming’) in 1932.

This folklore about the Yule Cat has transcended the lives and behaviours of adults in Iceland too over the years.

Apart from the story of Jólakötturinn being just a legend, it highlights the true spirit of Christmas. That is giving and sharing amongst ourselves. I hope that as you feel and immerse yourself in all the celebrations of Christmas, you will remember to be that one person who can help to make the world better.

More about Iceland’s Yule Cat? How about you dash to the city of  Reykjavík to experience and embrace all the beautiful, passionate dark desires behind the eyes of Jólakötturinn?

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