The Backstory of World’s Most Expensive Ginger Bread House Valued at €7.2 Million

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World’s most expensive gingerbread house - Credit: Cover Images

Changing the status of a romantic girlfriend to a fiancée is an event that has always seen men indulge in the most creative ways and means to pop the question. In the latest unimaginable show of love, a man ordered a Dolce & Gabbana-designed gingerbread house worth a whopping  €7.2 Million. Yes, you read right! And a fun fact: it is a proposal gingerbread house!

British cake artist, Debbie Wingham, created the expensive gingerbread house from 15kg of flour and 17kg of sugar in two weeks. A closer look at the masterpiece shows a Dolce & Gabbana store, edible wallpapers and diamonds.

The mindblowing part of the gingerbread is the replication of the Dolce & Gabbana shop in Puerto Banus, Spain. It measures a little under 1m and 75cm wide with the incorporation of diamonds that will be used for the engagement rings of the couple.

A price breakdown of some of the items used for the gingerbread house displays “a loose pink diamond, worth £3.1 million, and three individual pink diamonds worth £1 million each, which were placed between the Christmas lights on the exterior of the gingerbread store above the D&G sign.”

Debbie, according to the Telegraph expressed her nervousness about delivering to the couple’s delight as it was her first time being contracted to create something for a proposal.

“It is always rewarding when you deliver a creation, but this one had high stakes as it was a proposal confection. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous. Normally I worry about the transit of the sugar creations but this time I was thinking I hope she says yes.

“A confection with massive responsibility, I was delighted when they notified me that she said yes,” she explained.

She added “I have made sugar art pieces for many clients from royals to celebrities and for occasions from bar mitzvahs to weddings and big corporate brand launches, but this was my first proposal confection. …I’m delighted that my client is now going into the new year with a fiancée.”

Debbie Wingham, 41, from Yorkshire has indeed created several admirable and over-the-top confectionaries throughout her cake artistic journey. She is popularly known in the media space as the “Most Expensive” because of the luxurious nature of her works. She has produced confectionaries for renowned celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

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