Stage Play in Spain Cancelled after Actors Performed in Underwear

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The theatre companies organising the play 'Qué dificil es' say the local government cancelled their performances because actors appeared in boxers. - Copyright Courtesy: La Mandanga, Los 90 Producen

“Qué dificil es (How difficult it is),” a stage play set to be performed across the Castilla-La Mancha Performing Arts Network in Spain from January 2024 has been cancelled for what is referred to as “scandalising the public” because actors performed in their underwear.

This has sparked a protest from two theatre companies in the Tolerado region in Spain who believe they are being censored by the right-wing government, the conservative People’s Party (PP) for cancelling a work produced by Los 90 Producen and La Mandanga.

The right-wing city council of Quintanar de la Orden removed the play from its cultural programming for next year.

The theatres argue that nothing is scandalising about actors performing in their underwear when they even look like swimsuits. Adding that anyone who has come to watch them so far has enjoyed the act and not condemned actors and producers like it is being portrayed by the right-wing city council.

“We never ever received a complaint from anyone, not one comment about the actors’ costumes, or anyone saying they were offended or shocked, as this woman says, by the fact that we were in our underwear.

“Everyone who has come to see us is delighted because, in addition to having a few laughs, they always leave with something meaningful,” José Manuel Maciá, an actor, co-writer and co-producer of the play, told Euronews.

They further stated that the setting of the play is a dressing room.

“It takes place in a dressing room, that’s why the characters are in their underwear,” he said. “But come on, have you seen the pictures? Those boxers practically look like swimsuits.”

However, the council member who cancelled the show, María del Carmen Vallejo said “It is common to book a show and cancel it either because another show convinces you, or because you are not convinced by the selected show when you see the trailer offered by the Theatre Network.”

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