Louis Vuitton Debut Hotel To Open in Paris in 2026

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A preview of the Louis Vuitton debut hotel in Paris - Credit Louis Vuitton

Luxury fashion brand, Louis Vuitton popularly referred to as LV, is set to open its first-ever hotel in Paris, France in 2026. The hotel is still under work in the most famous district in the French capital. The building even hosted the fashion house’s Spring-Summer 2024 women’s show during the Paris Fashion Show in September 2023.

The Louis Vuitton Hotel is housed in the historic Art Nouveau building at 103 to 111 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, replacing the HSBC bank’s French headquarters which had been at the venue for the past 20 years.  This will also pitch the brand beside its flagship store in Paris.

The LV Hotel announcement also overrides Dior’s earlier plans of using the venue for its headquarters and superstore in 2023.

The Maison has proven to be a formidable brand not just in fashion but in the hospitality business too after the massive success of its first restaurant in Paris, Saint Tropez.

As expected, the Louis Vuitton Hotel will provide everything luxury to its patrons. The hotel will also cover almost 6000 m2, editorji.com reports.

Despite the projection to have the hotel architecture look like a gigantic LV briefcase with buckles, the designer to kickstart the project is, however, unknown.

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