‘Last’ Photo of Florence Nightingale Auctioned for Over £25,000 in London

A photo from the sale shows Nightingale sitting in an armchair - Credit Roseberys

Just as Roseberys predicted, the belongings and picture believed to be the final photo taken of legendary Florence Nightingale sold for a little over £25,000 at an auction in London. This was a collection of two rare sepia images that were captured of the nurse by her companion, Eliza Francis “Fanny” Pettit in her late 80’s as well as a teacup and letters given to her companion in her later days.

Before the auction on Thursday, December 14, the Roseberys Auction House estimated the collection to sell at £25,000. However, it sold for £25,584.

Popularly known as the “Lady with the Lamp”, Florence Nightingale’s photos have been auctioned for several dollars since her death. The picture of Florence Nightingale which was bought by an undisclosed buyer portrays her sitting calmly and quietly in an armchair.

In a bid to authenticate the acquired photo as one of the last images taken of Nightingale, a work of art specialist at Roseberys, Jack Wallis explained to CNN that the history behind the photographs makes it believable and true that they were taken in 1910, the year the former passed on.

“The family history behind these photographs leads us to believe that they may be the final images taken of Nightingale.

“We can be certain that they were taken in 1910, and as such almost certainly in the final weeks or months of Nightingale’s life,” he said.

The photos were exclusively exhibited at the Florence Nightingale Museum in London, confirming their authenticity, Wallis added.

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