Humane’s AI Pin will start shipping in March

According to a statement on X, Humane has revealed that its highly anticipated AI Pin wearable will begin shipping in March 2024. Orders placed with priority status will be fulfilled first, with all other orders being shipped in the order they were purchased.

While Humane did not give a specific date for shipping orders, the March timeline is more definite compared to the early 2024 estimate they gave in November.

At its highly-anticipated unveiling last month, Humane showcased its device’s ability to select from various AI services to answer your questions, all without requiring you to divert your attention to a screen. However, in the reveal video, one AI-generated response fell short due to a major error. Additionally, the company demonstrated its cutting-edge projection technology that projects interactive content onto your hand.

However, such convenience does not come cheap. The AI Pin carries a price tag of $699 and also entails a mandatory monthly fee of $24 for a phone number and cellular data access.

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