How Parisians Are Relieving Stress with Yoga and Puppy Strokes

Participants perform a yoga exercise as Golden Retriever puppies play around them during a yoga class at a studio in Paris, France, December 20. REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier

In the heart of Paris is a newly opened yoga studio, Puppy Yoga Paris which provides patrons with not just mats for the exercise but puppies for cuddling or stroking.

Dubbed “puppy yoga”, the owner of the studio, Ella Rubinski, describes the unconventional way of engaging in yoga as a means of releasing stress or the easiest way of destressing with animals, especially when an individual lives alone.

“Many of us can’t have our dogs at home or don’t have the time to take them out every day, so this is an opportunity to spend some time relaxing and being happy,” she told Reuters during a session this week that included 10 Golden Retriever puppies.

A 19-year-old patron, Clara Mathieu shared that yoga is fun and all about happiness but the inclusion of the puppies makes it more pleasurable when approached by Reuters.

“It’s super nice and relaxing, but with very cute little puppies, it brings even more happiness,” she said.

There you have it. If you are looking for a more rewarding end-of-year relaxation period, consider a puppy yoga studio near you.

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