Explore the Opulent Roman Home With a Splendid Tapestry Unveiled by Archaeologists

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This handout picture released by the Italian Culture Ministry shows mosaics uncovered in a luxurious Roman home near the Colosseum. -AFP/Dec 2023

Recently unearthed in Italy by archaeologists is a luxurious Roman home filled with an “unparalleled mosaic” that will keep you yearning and longing for more.

The lenses of Euronews caught the breathtaking patterns filled with precious glasses, shells and marbles near the historical Colosseum in Italy.

Other features including three large ships riding waves in the mosaic towards a coastal city, and dotted walls with small towers and porticoes in a scene imply the owner of the more than 2,000-year-old home was a formidable warrior.

Archaeologists discovered just the walls of this hidden gem in 2018. A follow-up led to the unearthing of a room in the Roman home. They predict the revelation of the full house in 2024, Euronews reports.

The Minister of Culture for Italy, Gennaro Sangiuliano describes the finding as an “authentic treasure.”

The culture ministry further added that the “Domus’ main room is a banquet hall that is styled as a grotto used during summer months.”

What also “makes the discovery exceptional is… an extraordinary wall covered with a so-called ‘rustic’ mosaic unparalleled in terms of the chronology and the complexity of the scenes depicted,” it added.

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