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Will climate change reduce the chance of getting malaria?

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Will South Korea soon have a ‘baby minister’?

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Foiled assassination attempt on Ukrainian President Zelensky

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Israel’s army takes control of Gaza’s Rafah crossing

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Turkiye joins South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at ICJ

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Orangutan seen treating wound with medicinal herb

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Turkey Halts Trade with Israel Over Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

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US sanctions 300+ entities from China, Russia, Singapore, UAE for supporting Russia’s defence industry

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How an Australian children’s court revealed a teen’s attack plot and weapon stash

Parmatta Children court

Is ‘slow living’ the secret to a life full of joy and fulfillment?

Slow living

Over 3,000 year-old stolen statue of King Ramses II returns to Egypt

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Is a new Napoleon going to be elected for the European Parliament?

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