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Swipe Right on Safety: Tinder’s ‘Share My Date’ Keeps Friends in the Loop

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Ozempic owner funding new supercomputer to accelerate drug discovery

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Iris Apfel’s secret

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Meet the planespotting student tracking the private jets of the rich and famous

Design fara titlu

Mozilla warns against AI romance apps

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LIVE: Indonesia votes for new president, parliamentary representatives

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Superlist: The new to-do app that aims to recreate the magic of Wunderlist

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Adam Neumann is trying to buy back WeWork

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Ghana’s parliament passes custodial sentence of up to 5 years for promoting LGBTQ+

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How to win elections in Africa – Chike Ukaegbu

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Full interview with Chike Ukaegbu

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Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg forced to apologise to families

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