A short guide to HAYYA Card to enter to Qatar in 2023

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Hayya Card which is an entry permit to the State of Qatar

Qatar Ministry of Interior announced this year that the validity of HAYYA Card (used as visa or permit entry for International World Cup) will be extended until January 2024.

The ministry also announced that International HAYYA Cardholders can invite up to three family members or friends using Voucher Codes through the HAYYA with Me feature. These invitees must use the Voucher Codes when applying for their HAYYA Entry Permit. Note that the HAYYA with Me feature is not available for Qatar residents.

The HAYYA Card offers a range of benefits to enhance the travel experience for international visitors to Qatar. Among its key benefits is the multiple-entry permit, which offers the flexibility to enter and leave the country as needed within the card’s validity period. Moreover, HAYYA Card holders can enjoy a smooth passage through state ports using the e-Gate system, minimising queuing times and simplifying the entry and exit process. Best of all, there are no fees associated with the HAYYA Card, making it a cost-effective choice for international travelers seeking a hassle-free experience when travelling.

Who is eligible to use HAYYA Card to enter Qatar in 2023?

  • People outside of Qatar with an approved HAYYA Card during the FIFA World Cup 2022
  • First-time registrations on the HAYYA with Me feature, using Voucher Codes provided by approved international HAYYA Cardholders who visited Qatar during the World Cup

Starting 30th January 2023, all approved HAYYA cardholders received an updated extended entry permit in PDF format to their registered email address.

What are the requirements for entering Qatar using the HAYYA Card?

  • A passport with at least three remaining months’ validity upon arrival in Qatar
  • Proof of accommodation, such as a hotel booking or confirmation of staying with family or friends
  • A return flight ticket
  • Valid Health insurance covering the entire duration of your stay. Visitors with international health insurance policies must ensure that their coverage includes Qatar, remains valid throughout their stay, and is issued by one of the approved insurance companies in Qatar.
  • An approved HAYYA Card
  • The updated extended entry permit

What types of accommodation proofs are accepted?

  • Hotel bookings in Qatar approved via the HAYYA Portal, including third-party websites and direct hotel bookings
  • Host Family & Friends accommodation, requiring the applicant to be added to the accommodation property by the host via the HAYYA Portal

HAYYA can be used via web or can be installed from Google Play, Apple Store, Huawei Marketplace. If you require further information or assistance, you can access the HAYYA Portal support channels here.

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