8 Albums to Look Forward to in 2024

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Music fans have plenty of reasons to be excited for 2024, as some of the biggest and most anticipated albums are set to be released in the next 12 months. From pop superstars to indie darlings, from rock legends to rap icons, from newcomers to veterans, here are 8 albums to look forward to in 2024.

1. Tyla (Tyla)

In 2023, Tyla experienced a significant breakthrough with her single “Water,” sparking a viral dance sensation online. The hashtag #TylaWater garnered over 1.2 billion views on TikTok, propelling Tyla to fame and earning her a debut Grammy nomination in the esteemed Best African Music category—an unprecedented achievement for the genre. Following the success of her debut EP, Tyla is now preparing for the highly anticipated release of her self-titled debut album on March 1, 2024.

2. Dua Lipa (TBA)

Dua Lipa has discovered her signature sound. The pop sensation achieved great success with the sparkling disco track “Dance The Night,” featured on the Barbie movie soundtrack. Now, she’s directing her attention to her own music, unveiling “Houdini” as the lead single from her upcoming third studio album, yet to be titled. This release follows the remarkable triumph of her album “Future Nostalgia,” which became a soundtrack for many during the initial phases of the pandemic.

3. A$AP Rocky (Don’t Be Dumb)

A$AP Rocky’s life has changed a lot since he released Testing in 2018: He’s had two children with his partner, Rihanna, and, more concerningly, he must stand trial for allegedly shooting his former friend Terell “A$AP Relli” Ephron in 2021. His next album is called Don’t Be Dumb after once being referred to as All Smiles will be released on a yet-to-be-announced date in 2024.

4. Sheryl Crow (Evolution)

Sheryl Crow, newly inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, returns on March 29, 2024, with her first album since 2019, titled “Evolution.” According to Crow, the album’s inaugural single, “Alarm Clock,” co-written with Emily Weisband and Mike Elizondo, emerged from introspective moments, writing from a deeply soulful space.

5. Bleachers (Bleachers)

When Jack Antonoff isn’t collaborating on albums with artists like Taylor Swift, Lorde, or Lana Del Rey, he dedicates his time to creating music with his band Bleachers. After their debut album in 2014, the band has released two more albums, and they are gearing up for the release of their fourth self-titled album on March 8, 2024.

6. Beyoncé (Act II)

Based on the teaser video and the sound of her recent singles, “Act II” appears poised to be a country-inspired album, celebrating Beyoncé’s Texan origins. The video depicts the pop star driving through a desert landscape, accompanied by timeless tracks like Chuck Berry’s “Maybelline.” Get ready to mark your calendars, as the album is set for release on March 29, 2024.

7. Miguel (Viscera)

In 2023, Miguel experienced a resurgence with his 2010 hit “Sure Thing,” which gained popularity on TikTok, propelling it back to the top of the charts. Despite being 13 years old, the song reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 earlier in the year. Buoyed by the success of this classic track, the R&B singer is now preparing to launch his fifth studio album, “Viscera,” slated for release sometime in 2024.

8. PartyNextDoor (PartyNextDoor 4)

While he took a different direction in terms of titles with 2020’s “Partymobile,” Toronto singer PartyNextDoor seems poised to make a return to his self-titled series with its fourth instalment in 2024. Although specifics regarding the release have shifted, including the absence of a confirmed release date or tracklisting, he did debut the song “R e s e n t m e n t” in July 2023. Additionally, PartyNextDoor performed at the Lights On Festival in California in September 2023, hinting at what’s to come from his highly anticipated album.

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