Unveiling the Unseen: The Secret World of Art Masterpieces

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Credit: AFP Archive

Step through the doors of Madrid’s prestigious Prado museum and embark on an extraordinary journey into the hidden secrets of famous paintings. The Reversos (On the Reverse) exhibition is a tantalizing invitation to explore the often overlooked backside of iconic artworks, offering a fresh and unique perspective on the world of art.

Curator Miguel Angel Blanco beckons visitors to unravel the enigmatic mysteries hidden behind the scenes of masterpieces, with around 100 works on display, loaned from 29 foreign museums and international collections. This unprecedented gathering of art offers a captivating opportunity for art enthusiasts to dive into the often unseen world of painting.

At the heart of the exhibition lies a remarkable revelation – a detailed look at the back of Diego Velazquez’s masterpiece “Las Meninas”. Here, visitors can feast their eyes on a life-size replica of the painting’s hidden reverse side, shedding light on a whole new dimension of the artwork. But the surprises don’t end there – the exhibit showcases a diverse range of esteemed artists, each painting inviting onlookers to unfold the secrets of its reverse side.

One particularly captivating piece is the 18th-century painting “Kneeling Nun” by Martin van Meytens, which offers a remarkable twist. The reverse side of the canvas unveils the nun with her habit lifted, presenting an unexpected and thought-provoking view. Additionally, the exhibition presents the original stretcher frame of Pablo Picasso’s iconic anti-war painting “Guernica”, adorned with historic nail holes and an obscure brushstroke captured on the frame.

In preparation for the exhibit, Blanco delved deep into the Prado’s extensive collection, unearthing intriguing details and concealed treasures in the hidden sides of paintings. The Reversos exhibition transcends the simple act of turning paintings around; it introduces a whole new way of perceiving and appreciating art.

This groundbreaking exhibition is a global endeavour, featuring works from diverse museums and collections across the world. Its innovative concept and diverse collection make it a must-see for anyone passionate about art, offering a rare opportunity to witness the unseen and gain a deeper understanding of the secrets behind famous masterpieces.

Open to the public until March, the exhibition promises to take visitors on a mesmerizing journey through the clandestine world of art, presenting an opportunity to behold iconic paintings in an entirely new light.

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