Turkey Sends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza via Egypt

Turkey sends aid to Gaza

In a bid to provide assistance to the people in Gaza, Turkey has sent a plane filled with medical supplies and a team of 20 specialist doctors to Egypt. The Turkish Health Minister, Fahrettin Koca, shared the news on social media, stating that the plane departed from Ankara and will be used to help the people in Gaza. The footage shared by the minister showed boxes containing essential medical supplies being loaded onto the Turkish presidency plane.

The team of doctors will assess the needs of the people in Gaza and determine the required medicine, medical supplies, and devices. They will also conduct feasibility studies for the establishment of field hospitals at Egypt’s El Arish Airport and Rafah Border Crossing. Rafah is a significant route for entry and exit into the Gaza Strip, not controlled by Israel.

Israel has stated that it will not allow any aid to enter from its territory until Hamas releases the hostages it took during its attack on October 7. However, aid can enter through Egypt on the condition that the supplies do not end up in the hands of Hamas.

The Turkish Health Minister also announced that there are plans to send three cargo planes to El Arish Airport, carrying additional medicine, medical supplies, and devices. Furthermore, a ship carrying field hospital equipment and ambulances will also be dispatched once arrangements have been made with the relevant authorities.

In summary, Turkey has taken a step to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza by sending a plane filled with medical supplies and a team of doctors to Egypt. The aim is to help the people in Gaza who are in need of urgent medical assistance. By evaluating the situation on the ground and establishing field hospitals, Turkey hopes to alleviate some of the suffering in the region.

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