Tunisia approves new extradition deal with Algeria to tackle evolving crimes

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A new agreement between the Algerian government and the Tunisia government on the extradition of criminals between the two nations has been approved by the parliament of Tunisia.

The bill was voted for by 124 members of the Tunisian parliament during a plenary session on January 16, local media La Presse Tunisie reported.

Leila Jaffal, the minister of justice for Tunisia, stated during the session that the use of modern communication techniques in the implementation of international agreements on extradition procedures, along with the addition of new crimes and some new mechanisms like criminalisation and confiscation, are the reasons behind this new agreement with Algeria despite the existence of international agreements related to extradition procedures.

“The old judicial agreement with Algeria, which dates back to the year 1963, is no longer sufficient and now raises several practical problems concerning technological development and the nature of new crimes such as terrorism, confiscation and freezing of funds not previously stipulated, which necessitated its division into two parts and individuals for extradition.” Criminals between Tunisia and Algeria under a basic law,” said the minister.

The new agreement introduced regulations for offences such as terrorist acts, financial recovery, freezing, and confiscation, as well as unique protocols in terrorist cases.

The governments of the North African nations signed the legislation on December 15, 2021, however, its confirmation was postponed by Tunisia because of the collapse of its previous parliament in July 2021, according to Algerian media El Khabar.

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