#TrendsArena: Namibia decriminalises homosexuality, here’s how social media responded

Friedel Dausab NAMIBIA
Friedel Dausab challenged the sodomy law in Namibia Photo Credit: @EqualNamibia/X

Social media has seen varied reactions following Namibia’s high court decision to overturn a law that criminalized homosexuality.

The law, which banned “sodomy” and “unnatural offences,” was inherited when Namibia gained independence from South Africa in 1990. Although it was seldom enforced, activists argued it fueled discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals, including police violence.

Following several setbacks in recent years, the ruling was a victory for LGBTQ+ campaigners. Friedel Dausab, the Namibian LGBTQ+ activist who brought the case, stated: “I feel elated. I’m so happy. This really is a landmark judgment, not just for me, but for our democracy.”

Activists and LGBTQ+ members celebrated the ruling as “societal progress for Namibia.” However, there has also been discontent among those who oppose the decision.

See reactions of those who are for and against the ruling below:

Tweets in favour of the ruling


Tweets against the motion








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