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Who doesn’t love the myriad colours spilt over the sky, marking the day’s beginning or end? Especially when there are fantastic spots from where you can enjoy it? Today’s video brings you to the top sites in Qatar to experience sunrises and sunsets.

Imagine the sea on one side and the towering buildings on the other, reflecting a rainbow of colours shed over the sky. The Doha Corniche is one of the best locations to view both the sunrise and the sunset. Early waking up goes best with a good cup of coffee. Get yours at Costa Coffee, which is open 24 hours, and a tip for enjoying the sunset even more, is over a delicious dinner with the view at Al Mourjan Restaurant.

If you visit Qatar over winter, this spot makes sunrises even more unique because the morning fog adds a dose of mysticism to the picturesque landscape.

Another perfect place to be during blue or golden hour is the Museum of Islamic Arts. The hills of Museum’s Park offer a panoramic view and are the best spot for sunrise. While in the Museum’s courtyard, you can enjoy the sunset in the beautiful scenery with the smell of the sea.

The desert might not be your everyday surrounding, so take advantage when visiting Qatar and head down south to the Sealine and Inland Sea to watch the unique way the sun rises and sets over the dunes.

And the beaches, of course, where sunrise and sunset are always iconic. Luckily, Qatar has plenty of beaches to choose from. In the east, where the sun rises, you should visit:

Al Wakra Beach,
Al Khor Beach,
and Fuwairit Beach.

In comparison, Dukhan Beach is the most popular spot for unforgettable sunsets.

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