Top-ranked African passports in 2024

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The 2024 Global Passport Ranking, which ranks every nation in the world by how many countries its citizens can visit without a prior visa, has been made public.

The London-based immigration consultancy Henley & Partners, unveiled the 2024 Henley Passport Index, a new set of global passport powers, with leading countries enjoying visa-free access to as many as 194 destinations.

Topping the list are France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain, collectively positioned 1st in the recent global rankings.

An overview of the highest-ranked African passports to the least performing:


A Seychelles passport can grant a holder visa-free access to 156 countries globally. The nation is ranked 26th in the world among countries with the most powerful passports. Seychelles, which is home to about 100,000 people, is an archipelago of 115 tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. It is home to numerous beaches, coral reefs, and nature reserves.


Another island country in East Africa, is placed at number 30 in the world with its passport granting holders visa-free access to 150 countries globally. In the 2023 ranking, Mauritius placed 29th globally with 148 visa-free access.

South Africa

The South African passport allows holders visaless access to 108 countries from the previous 106 countries, rounding out Africa’s three most powerful passports. South Africa fell one place in the recent rankings and now ranks at number 52 in the world on the list of countries with the most powerful travel papers.


The Southern African nation is placed at the 59th position in the world, up from a previous position of 60th in the 2023 rankings, with its passport granting holders access to 91 countries. It falls just behind South Africa in the continental ranking. In the previous ranks, the Botswana passport had visaless access to 89 countries.


A Namibian passport allows a holder access to 80 countries in the world, placing it at number 65 globally and fifth in Africa. The Namibian passport was tied with the Chinese, Saudi, and Bolivian passports last year but has fallen in the ranks behind them in the recent rankings. Namibia is now in the same position and access as Lesotho.


One of Africa’s smallest nations by size has a relatively powerful passport that can grant a holder access to 80 countries. It ties at position 65 with Namibia. In Africa, it ranks sixth.


Another Southern African nation, Eswatini, also has a strong passport that can allow access to 78 destinations in the world. It ranks seventh on the continent and 66th in the world.

Kenya and Malawi

The East African nations, Kenya and Malawi, are tied in terms of access and position and have a passport that grants access to 76 countries, placing them eighth on the continent and 67th globally. In the 2023 ranks, Malawi was one position behind Kenya in Africa and the world, respectively—ninth on the continent and 69th globally. Its travel document gives you access to 75 countries.


The East African nation rounds out Africa’s ten most powerful passports. A Tanzanian travel permit facilitates entry into 73 countries in the world, placing it at position 69th among the world’s most powerful passports.

Other African nations

Morocco, Tunisia, and Zambia are tied in the 71st position with access to 71 travel destinations, while the Gambia follows in the 72nd with 70 travel destinations. Cape Verde and Uganda share the same position, 73rd globally and 69 travel destinations.

Sierra Leone turns up in the 75th position globally with 67 visa-free travel destinations.

Ghana, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe rank 76th globally, with 66 visa-free travel destinations across the globe. Meanwhile, Benin and Mozambique share the 79th position with 63 visa-free travel destinations.

At the bottom of the ranks, Eritrea, Libya, and Somalia are positioned 96th, 98th, and 99th, respectively, with 43, 40, and 36 visa-free travel destinations.

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