Top International Schools in Qatar – Part 2

Welcome to Qonversations. Today we continue to discover the finest international schools in Qatar.

Top International Schools in Qatar - Part 2

Modern infrastructure, world-class education and a wide specter of extra-curriculum activities are priorities for all parents in Qatar. Let’s learn more about them.

The Sherborne Schools comprise four schools that follow the British curriculum. Students are encouraged to innovate and learn in a competitive system. The school offers I/GCSE, AS and A-level qualifications and students can participate in diverse extracurricular activities in school facilities like theatre, science labs, library, swimming pool, and others.

The next one is Compass International Schools, which emphasizes providing a personalized experience for each student to receive the best education and opportunities tailored to their journey. The advantage for high schoolers is that they can choose between the IB Diploma Program or A-levels.

Offering a more local approach, the Qatar Academy schools function under the umbrella of the Qatar Foundation and promote an international bilingual education while respecting local culture. There are five campuses, with IB programs and eight learning schemes, including programs for kids with learning needs, music, and technology studies.

As we are getting close to an end, we present you with the Swiss International School. It welcomes students of all nationalities, operates as an IB Continuum World School, and offers a multilingual learning environment. It even provides up to 100% scholarships for students with merit. The school offers modern facilities for students in sports, art, science, and technology co-curricular activities.

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