The Earthna Center for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to Qonversations. In today’s video, we discuss one of the essential topics of the modern world – sustainability.


The global sustainability discussions are shaped by the issues primarily relevant to tropical and temperate countries, while less attention is given to deserts and hot and arid countries like Qatar.

This is why Qatar Foundation has established Earthna, a non-profit policy research and advocacy centre, to provide a holistic view of environmental, social, and economic prosperity and influence national and global sustainability policy.

Earthna brings together Qatar’s broad community of research experts, government departments, policy and decision-makers, businesses, institutions, and civil society. Together, they work on enhancing the country’s sustainability efforts.

The Center’s name is also symbolic, as Earthna, in Arabic, means the essence of sustainability, while in English, it recalls the fundamental purpose of Mother Earth as the giver of life.

The sustainability framework of Earthna for countries like Qatar is divided into categories:

Food Security and Adaptation,
Climate Change and Energy Transition,
Resilient Cities,
Biodiversity and Ecosystems
And Education, Awareness and Values

Also, one of the most important actions of Earthna is The Earthna Summit, visited by global and local policymakers, business and industry leaders, and academia. The summit provides an understanding of present conditions and highlights the critical adaptation needs and solutions for a more sustainable future.

The energy-rich countries such as Qatar can significantly contribute to energy transition and climate change, and Earthna centre is there to encourage this change.

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