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Nearly 55 million face hunger in West and Central Africa


Are the Togolese opposition accusations against the President real?

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DR Congo has its first woman PM: Who is Judith Suminwa?

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Why is Botswana threatening to send 20,000 elephants to Germany?

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One president, two first ladies in Senegal – how acceptable is polygamy?

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5G in Africa: What’s its potential, Selasi Ahorlumegah?

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Who is Diomaye Faye, the new Senegalese president?

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How Jacob Zuma’s new party could influence elections in South Africa

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Moving up the presidential election hits Algeria unexpectedly

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Everything you need to know about the elections in Senegal

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Should Africa start a proper conversation on banning asbestos?

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Prolonged internet disruptions across Africa: What is the impact?

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