Suspected thugs break into office of Malawi’s Vice President

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Police are on a manhunt for suspected thugs alleged to have broken into the Malawi Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima’s office at Capital Hill in Lilongwe.

The incident which is suspected to have happened over the weekend was discovered later on January 16 and reported to the police.

According to Daily Times, the suspects entered the wing of the building that houses the Office of the Vice President and the Principal Secretary.

Spokesperson Pilirani Phiri who confirmed the incident said investigations are underway.

Items including tonners were stolen from the office.

The incident follows a similar one which occurred in 2021 where a break-in at the office saw the theft of items including monitors and a CPU.

The Vice President Chilima’s residence in Blantyre was also ransacked in 2014.

Investigations are underway to arrest the culprits involved.

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