Streamlining Qatar’s business registration: A leverage for new ventures

Qatar's Ministry of Commerce has rolled out a new suite of services aimed at enhancing the business registration process. The initiative primarily targets newly formed companies, paving a smoother establishment journey for them, while fostering flexibility in workforce diversity.

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The new services were launched as part of an expansion to the existing single-window system and became operational on Sunday. They are designed to simplify the necessary company registration procedures, eliminating the need for investors to physically visit different ministries or navigate their respective websites. This overhaul stands as an essential stride in embracing the digital transformation of administrative procedures.

Mohammed Al Thani, Qatar’s Commerce and Industry Minister, said this move aligns with the government’s wider agenda to improve public service delivery, foster a more conducive business environment, and attract increased local and foreign investments. “We are keen on improving the government’s operational performance and establishing a dynamic, supportive work environment that underlines Qatar’s position as a principal business and investment hub,” Al Thani commented.

The sentiment was mirrored by Minister of Labour, Dr. Ali bin Samikh Al Marri, who emphasised the integral role of technology in effecting changes beneficial to the labour sector. He stated, “There’s no doubt that enhancing and streamlining procedures are among our top priorities for attracting global talents to Qatar.”

The recent digitisation efforts arrive amid rising complaints from local businesses regarding the complexity and length of start-up procedures in the Gulf nation. The key improvements brought by the expanded services include simplifying the issuance of commercial registrations by reducing requirements and automating internal procedures.

The single-window service now also incorporates automatic addition of a Computer Card to the commercial registration, and automatic issuance of labour approvals with each new commercial registration, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour. Moreover, in a collaborative initiative, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry have revamped the Metrash 2 Application to automatically display work permit approvals and an electronic copy of the computer card.

Further easing the process, business owners can now open bank accounts immediately following the commercial registration and signing of the articles of association, as long as they meet the banks’ regulatory requirements.

These simplified procedures, conceived in cooperation with the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau, are expected to drastically cut down the steps required to conduct business. As a result, companies can now obtain their commercial registration and start operations within a single day.

In summary, Qatar’s recent digitisation efforts in simplifying the company registration process present a vital opportunity for newly established companies, promising immediate work permit approvals and greater ease of operation.

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