Snapchat unveils new generative AI feature for Snapchat+ subscribers

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Snapchat has recently launched an innovative generative AI feature that offers an interactive and personalised touch to the Snapchat+ user experience. This new feature allows Snapchat+ subscribers to send a Snap of their current activity to My AI, the in-app chatbot, which will subsequently respond with a unique generative Snap to keep the conversation engaging.

This cutting-edge feature was initially previewed at the Snap Partner Summit last month, where Snapchat also announced that the My AI feature would be made free for all users. However, a specific release date was not confirmed at that time.

Snapchat has always been at the forefront of user communication, as stated by the company, “Snapping is the way our community stays in touch with their friends and family, creating over 55,000 Snaps every second on average.” This new development enhances the platform’s user engagement by providing a responsive and interactive element to the conversation.

Since its inception, My AI has been popular among Snapchatters as a creative tool to learn about the world, ask questions about movies, sports, video games, or even seek advice on what to wear to prom.

The integration of the new feature allows users to Snap a picture of their pizza, Outfit of the Day (OOTD), or even their pet to My AI, which will respond with a Snap reacting to the user’s activity. For example, if a user sends a Snap of their latest grocery haul, My AI might respond with a recipe recommendation.

It’s worth noting that all messages shared with My AI, including Snaps, will be stored and may be utilised to enhance the product experience. However, users are cautioned that despite being designed to avoid biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading information, the AI is not infallible, and mistakes may occur. Therefore, users are encouraged to avoid relying on it for advice and provide any feedback to help improve the service.

This latest addition to Snapchat+ promises to add a dynamic, personalised, and engaging layer to the user experience, demonstrating Snapchat’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of communication and engagement through technology.

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