Singapore’s Changi Airport goes passport-free

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Singapore Changi Airport's departure hall

A passport-free future is on the horizon at one of the world’s premier airports. Starting next year, Singapore’s Changi Airport will eliminate the need for traditional passports, opting instead to exclusively rely on biometric data, including fingerprint and facial scans, to facilitate passenger clearance at various points during departures.

The announcement, disclosed by Singapore’s Communications Minister, Josephine Teo, represents a response to recent modifications in Singapore’s immigration regulations that facilitate the widespread use of biometrics within airports. The primary objective is to enhance the travel experience at Changi Airport by eliminating the necessity for travellers to present physical passports at various checkpoints within the airport. Instead, biometrics will be employed at numerous stages of the departure process, encompassing bag drop, immigration, and boarding.

Changi Airport, renowned as one of the world’s best airports, has already incorporated biometric technology into its automated immigration lanes. This week’s announcement signifies an expansion of this technology to additional touchpoints throughout the airport.

Josephine Teo emphasized that these changes will significantly reduce the need for passengers to repeatedly display their travel documents at various touchpoints, resulting in a smoother and more convenient processing experience. Furthermore, she pointed out that Changi Airport is poised to become one of the pioneering airports globally to embrace biometrics to this extent.

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