Rolls-Royce Motor Cars had a record-breaking year thanks to the all-electric Spectre

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Rolls Royce Spectre 2024, new electric luxury car

Rolls-Royce is gearing up for a significant year in 2024 as it celebrates its 120th anniversary since the meeting of its founders, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. The year will also mark the first full year of production for the luxury automaker’s first electric vehicle, the Spectre. Rolls-Royce enters 2024 on a positive note, with a record-breaking year in 2023, delivering 6,032 cars, which is a slight increase from the 6,021 sales recorded in 2022.

The top-selling models for Rolls-Royce in 2023 were the Cullinan, followed by the Ghost and the Phantom. Last year also saw the final production of the Wraiths and Dawns, while the first Spectres were delivered to customers. The transition from V12 engines to electric power in the two-door models will be closely monitored to see how it affects sales in 2024. Every Rolls-Royce vehicle now includes unique features from the Bespoke department, such as custom paint finishes and upholstery options that require innovative materials and techniques.

The company also reported record levels of Bespoke commissions, with the Middle East emerging as a region with the most creatively ambitious and technically challenging requests. Sales were robust in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, with the US and China leading in terms of volume. The UK remains the largest market for Rolls-Royce in Europe.

In 2024, Rolls-Royce will place a renewed focus on Bespoke and Coachbuild commissions, including the introduction of the Droptail model. New Private Offices will be established in Seoul and the US to provide direct access to designers and engineers. The company’s CEO, Chris Brownridge, expressed enthusiasm about leading a business that is in a strong position for growth and development, with a skilled team and a clear strategy.

Overall, Rolls-Royce looks forward to maintaining momentum, expanding its electric vehicle offerings, and continuing its legacy of luxury and innovation in the coming years.

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