Revitalising Kaduna: Qatar’s housing pledge brings hope to Nigeria’s less privileged

In an effort to uplift the living standards of underprivileged families in Nigeria, the State of Qatar has initiated the construction of 500,000 housing units in Kaduna State, Nigeria. This endeavour is a manifestation of the strengthening bilateral ties between Qatar and Nigeria and is part of the Mega Economic City project.

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On Wednesday, at the Millennium City Kaduna, Qatar’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Ali Bin Ghanem Al-Hajri, inaugurated the project, underscoring the deep commitment of the Qatari nation to Nigeria’s socio-economic upliftment.

Located in the northwestern region of Nigeria, Kaduna stands as a beacon of trade and transportation. This hub boasts an economy firmly rooted in agriculture, manufacturing, and retail, accompanied by a diverse and opulent cultural tapestry. Yet, the shadows of poverty, unemployment, and stark social inequalities have also been persistent issues for the state.

The esteemed Governor Uba Sani was acknowledged by Dr. Al-Hajri for his vital role and support, ensuring the Qatar Sanabil Project’s seamless launch in Kaduna. The Governor, on his part, expressed gratitude towards the Embassy of Qatar in Nigeria and the Qatari-owned Sanabil Project. He commented on how the project perfectly aligns with Kaduna’s vision of a “business-friendly environment.”

Governor Sani enthusiastically stated, “The Economic City is poised to become a touchstone of world-class infrastructure. This endeavour will not only revamp Kaduna’s housing landscape but will also serve as a springboard for local entrepreneurs and traders, bolstering international trade and amplifying economic growth.”

The outreach of Qatar does not stop at housing alone; hundreds of boreholes were drilled across all 23 local government areas of Kaduna State; and Qatar Charity extended its assistance through numerous programmes dedicated to empowering the less privileged in Kaduna and a myriad of interventions span from scholarships for orphans and underprivileged children to the distribution of essential equipment such as sewing or welding machines.

The Economic City housing project’s sustainability is built into its design as it integrates clinics, shops, poultry farms, and farmlands, ensuring comprehensive development to cater to the needs of the rainy season and irrigation farming.

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