Red Bull racing unbeatable until 2025

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Charles LECLERC, MCO, Team Scuderia Ferrari,

Charles Leclerc from Ferrari has expressed that catching up to Red Bull before the end of the 2025 Formula 1 season, when the current regulations will change, will be an extremely challenging task. In 2023, Red Bull has been dominating with Max Verstappen aiming for his ninth consecutive race victory for the team. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes has acknowledged the possibility of Leclerc’s statement being accurate.

Leclerc, aged 25, commented on the situation during the Dutch Grand Prix, emphasizing the substantial lead that Red Bull currently enjoys and the formidable difficulty in closing that gap before the rule changes in 2026.

Hamilton speculated that Red Bull likely gained an advantage by commencing work on their 2024 car earlier than others due to their substantial points lead in the championship. He also mentioned Mercedes’ commitment to narrowing the gap in the following year.

At the Zandvoort race, if Max Verstappen secures a ninth consecutive victory, he will tie Sebastian Vettel’s record set in 2013 for the most consecutive wins. Many anticipate that Verstappen might win all 10 remaining races this season, and he appears unfazed by the tremendous support from Dutch fans.

Hamilton believes there’s a high likelihood of Verstappen winning all the races but remains hopeful that Mercedes can challenge him, especially if there are any unexpected incidents. Lando Norris of McLaren also believes that winning a race this year is possible, but it may require a combination of luck and reliability issues for Red Bull.

Leclerc pointed out that the competition with Red Bull differs from the past, as they are closer in qualifiers but significantly stronger in races. Teams are working on improving their race pace, and there are upcoming developments that could potentially make a difference.

Overall, the Formula 1 landscape is highly competitive, with Red Bull currently holding a dominant position, and other teams striving to catch up as the regulations prepare to change in 2026.

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