Rapper Sean Kingston and mother arrested on fraud and theft charges following Florida mansion raid

American rapper Sean Kingston and his mother, Janice Turner, were arrested after a police raid on his Kingston's South Florida residence early on Thursday, May 23.

Sean Kingson Instagram
Rapper Sean Kingston. Photo Credit: Instagram/Sean Kingston

American rapper Sean Kingston and his mother, Janice Turner, were arrested after a police raid on his South Florida residence early on Thursday, May 23.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office issued arrest and search warrants at the Southwest Ranches home, some 15 miles from Fort Lauderdale.

During the raid, Kingston’s mother, Janice Turner, was arrested. Later that evening, Kingston was arrested in Fort Irwin, California. Both face many fraud and theft accusations, while the specifics of the charges are unknown.

Kingston addressed the situation on Instagram, assuring fans, “People love negative energy! I am good and so is my mother! My lawyers are handling everything as we speak.”

Attempts to reach Kingston’s publicist for additional information have been unsuccessful, and an attorney for the artist has yet to be identified.

The raid on Kingston’s home follows a breach of contract lawsuit filed in February by Ver Ver Entertainment, a company that specialises in high-end television and sound system installation.

According to court documents, Kingston reached out to the company in September 2023 to buy a 232-inch television and a sound system. He allegedly persuaded the company to install the device for a low-down payment of $30,000, promising to create promotional videos featuring Justin Bieber in exchange for a reduced fee.

However, Ver Ver Entertainment claims Kingston failed to make the remaining payments following the installation and did not deliver the promised promotional content. The lawsuit further claims Kingston misled the corporation by claiming he had an ongoing working relationship with Bieber, which was false.

The unpaid balance for the entertainment system, valued at over $110,000, remains a point of contention.

An attorney representing Ver Ver Entertainment, Dennis Card, suggested a pattern of behaviour, alleging that Kingston and his mother collaborate to acquire expensive items without paying for them.

“He leads people to believe he’s a wealthy, high-rolling guy,” Card was quoted by CNN.

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