Qatar resumes issuance of Short-Term Work Visas and Other Visitor Visas

qatar ministry affair

As of January 12th 2023, foreign nationals can resume applications for short-term work visas, family visas and visitor visas for entry into Qatar, following a decision from the Ministry of Interior and Qatar’s Financial Centre.

The visa application process had been suspended due to the FIFA World Cup 2022 football tournament in November 2022. Delays in processing are expected due to a potentially larger than usual volume of applicants waiting for visas. 

Qatar’s capital city Doha recently ranked 27th globally in the world’s best cities in which to live. It is natural for those who have the opportunity, to relocate to Qatar. The working conditions are optimal and there are varied workspaces dedicated to remote working. 

The current social context has led many countries to implement the digital nomad visa system for those interested in remote work. This is also the case in Qatar.  

Most foreigners can receive a Qatari visa at the time of arrival if the formalities are completed. The online process of obtaining a visa prior to arrival is quite simple.  

Qatar has signed a number of conventions and agreements with countries around the world regarding visa on arrival. Citizens of France, Germany, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, among others, can obtain a visa upon arrival in Qatar.

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